We have launched Solar PV Energy Monitor, a monitoring solution for rooftop Solar Photovoltaic systems. The product aims at house owners and small businesses who can now get a better understanding of their solar panel production and their own electricity consumption.


The product is a combination of a small hardware and a Mobile App. The hardware is in form of a tiny, easy-to install, non-intrusive deviceUntitled that quietly sits at a corner and monitors the house’s electricity consumption and solar generation. The hardware is it’s first version and we are already working towards an upgrade to make it smaller, sleeker and more easy-to-install.

The Solar Family App suitably displays the data and expert analysis of your energy consumption. It gives you advices on how to optimise your energy use, also provides feedback on efficiency of your electrical appliances.

The Solar Family Energy Monitor is a part of our efforts to make end-consumers of electricity understand and participate actively in the process of electricity delivery. The notification feature in the product essentially allows a utility to send signals and interact with the end-consumers. In-app gamification ensures that people, by themselves and in small communities, compete against each other towards achieving a higher energy savings goal or reducing carbon footprint or increasing the share of solar in their usage.

The product has been launched on ground in India initially because the regulatory push towards more PV installation is attracting house owners and businesses to adopt these systems at a rate never seen before.

First Installation: We did our first installation at Mr. Sreeranga’s house recently. He is a man with a very ambitious goal- to cover 100% of his house’s energy needs from solar power and battery packs. Currently he has a 1.5kW Solar PV installation and 6 battery packs which make him already 70% grid independent. In addition to enable him understand and monitor his solar panel generation and grid independence, we are also helping him reach his goal while making safe and optimal use of his batteries and solar panels. We are excited in our work with Mr. Sreeranga and look forward to more similar installations and interesting interactions.

In addition to in-site installations, the product is available for end-consumers and energy enthusiasts everywhere to install at their homes themselves. They would log-in to our software platform and get access to the Mobile App within minutes. The product is launched at We are receiving pre-orders now and will start shipping beginning of December with the upgraded hardware.

So, come join the Solar Family!

Solar PV Energy Monitor is a part of the Solar Installers’ Toolkit, a product offered in India by Shared Electric. More details can be found here: