We are delighted to share the news that our energy insights product Engaze has been deployed for the first time.
More than 50 households in various parts of Denmark have become the first-ever users of Engaze!

Over the next 8 weeks of the pilot run, these households will use Engaze to get actionable insights into their energy use and receive messages to improve their energy efficiency. Enabling people to reduce their carbon footprint of energy by using more energy when the Danish wind turbines are running is also a central theme of Engaze.

This first deployment (an invite-only test) will provide us with valuable learnings about interaction with end-consumers of electricity and data which will help us strengthen our product and business development strategy.


To know more, follow the test live in Twitter and Facebook.

The test is being carried out by Shared Electric and Next Step LivingLab – SE Corporation’s department for Knowledge & Innovation. Next Step LivingLab has years of expertise in testing new products for end-customers of electricity so Shared Electric will benefit greatly from the partnership.