On 1. July 2016, as announced in our last post, a group of households all over Denmark were invited to join the first ever public roll-out of Shared Electric’s product – Engaze. 

This project is a collaboration between Shared Electric and SydEnergi (SE)- one of the largest, most progressive electricity utilities of Denmark having a big presence in the region of Southern Denmark.

Since the starting date, the pilot project has been running as expected- new users are joining Engaze each day and actively taking part in it.

During the project, our users receive SMSes and emails on optimizing the quantity and quality (CO2 footprint) of their energy consumption.

The ‘engine’ behind Engaze decides what SMSes to send to which users at what time looking into a host of factors including weather forecasts, electricity grid situation, users’ preferences and their consumption patterns.

Engaze Labs!

Our team brings to you Engaze Labs – the data portal of our first Danish live test. It shows real-time data from the performance of our product in ongoing projects along with interesting findings.

In the coming days, Engaze Labs will be updated with new infographics, more findings and results.

You can see how excited we are to talk about our first rollout! 🙂