What does 100 GW Solar PV mean?

July 15, 2015, Karl Njalsson

We are excited to announce that we are working on a product aimed at monitoring the solar generation from small rooftop micro-power plants and small solar businesses. These installations are usually too small to be observed under the same radar

Field Work

September 12, 2014, Karl Njalsson

We have completed our first field test in India. In April 2014, homes in Balangir, Odisha were refitted with a simplified version of our technology. This lowered the capacity needed for supplying electricity to those homes and increased consumer participation.

Product Development

August 1, 2014, Karl Njalsson

We are ardent believers of learning-by-doing principle. So we did dive into electronics design and developed the several versions of our product from scratch. We use this for testing our technology in a laboratory setting and to select the best