Human-centric demand response

Shared Electric was founded in 2014 to bridge the gap between investment and value creation from smart-meter roll-out in Europe. Through its hardware and software products, it provided utilities with an effective tool and a platform to engage their end-users in the smart grid transition process and to uncover the value from behavioural demand response. With great passion for the decarbonisation of electricity supply and the challenging need for more flexibility along with it, Anubhav Ratha & Karl Njálsson started Shared Electric after their studies at ETHZ. While it was operational, Shared Electric launched 3 products - one for residential solar solution PV prosumers, one for power grids in newly electrified areas and finally one for residential customers in northern Europe.

We were based in Zurich, Switzerland and Bangalore, India. The founders continue to impact the future of the energy world on other fronts.

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SharedElectric Applications No Blackouts

In the newly-electrified rural areas of India, capacity investment, electricity theft and billing fraud can be reduced drastically by customer engagement using concepts from behavioural science. Tested this solution in a rural electrification set-up in an Indian village.

Solar Family

SharedElectric Applications No Blackouts

Combining low-cost measurement, automated process management and predictive maintenance with prosumer engagement tools, solar installers can offer better service and have an edge over their competitors. Implemented our solution for home rooftop PV installations in Bangalore, India.


SharedElectric Applications No Blackouts

By utilising cutting-edge AI technology and virtual communication residential energy providers can help their end-users increase energy efficiency and shift energy use towards greener hours with higher percentage of wind energy. Developed and piloted this solution in cooperation with a large Danish Energy Utility.

Load Management

See the impact of responsive consumers.

21 October 2014:
This simple demo is meant to show how powerful tool responsive consumers can be in reducing CO2 emissions while not affecting costs.

This assumes a normal load profile and power plants for a town in India.

Drag the columns up and down to influence the load profile. You can see which power plants need to be dispatched and on the right you see the CO2 emission change and the fuel cost change.

Just make sure that there is no load mismatch (that the units sold are the same before and after)

Load profile

Cost profile

Fuel (CHF) CO2 (kg)
Initial NaN NaN
Current NaN NaN

Load mismatch (kWh)


Fuel savings (CHF)


CO2 savings (kg)



Field Work

Know more about our work in India

12 September 2014:
We have completed our first field test in India. In April 2014, homes in Balangir, Odisha were refitted with a simplified version of our technology. This lowered the capacity needed for supplying electricity to those homes and increased consumer participation.

The end-result: we validated end-consumer acceptance and operational feasibility of our idea.

Meetings with several stakeholders have helped validate our product and develop it together with them. A full-scale pilot project will be installed with a major utility partner in the city of Rourkela in India in February 2015.

SharedElectric Field Work
SharedElectric Field Work

Product Development

Learn what we have been up to.

1 August 2014:
We are ardent believers of learning-by-doing principle. So we did dive into electronics design and developed the several versions of our product from scratch. We use this for testing our technology in a laboratory setting and to select the best components and processes suitable for our final product.

After designs are made final, we are collaborating with partners to manufacture our product (DEAM) for installation in pilot projects.

SharedElectric Field Work
SharedElectric Field Work
SharedElectric Field Work